News & Notes

       News & Notes: 

 June 27, 2022

Summer vacation is approaching quickly and the staff and students are beginning to anticipate this long-awaited holiday.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the students of Room 11 this year and I know they will go on to further success in their Grade 7 placements.  They are a class full of humour and enthusiasm.  I hope they will keep in touch to share the new and exciting things that will be happening in their lives.  I also want to thank the parents for their support throughout the year.  You have often encouraged me with your kind words and have generously given your time and effort to support our school functions and activities.  You are a special group of people and the students are very fortunate to have such supportive and interested parents.


Throughout the year, I have collected a variety of photographs of special events, activities and memorable moments.  I wanted to share these memories with the students and their families; thus, I have created a class memory video.  The video displays photos of the many characters in Room 11 set to significant songs from the year.  This keepsake will be posted in our Google Classroom and students are encouraged to download the video before the Google classroom is archived and becomes inaccessible early in July.  I hope the students and their families will enjoy recalling the events of the year with as much pleasure as I do!


Term 2 Report Cards and copies of June IEP Reviews will be distributed to students on Tuesday, June 28.  Parents are encouraged to peruse the assessment of the final term and note the suggested next steps for individual students.  If they choose, parents and students may also complete the response section of the report card and return it to the homeroom teacher.  Have a wonderful summer of learning and laughter.


In Language classes, learners will be working in small groups to design a summer camp.  They will name their camp and create flags and camp songs.  They will also plan camp activity schedules, a 5-day menu and a clear map for their developed camp.  Cooperative learning can achieve great ideas and products!  Further, learners will be examining the traits of a music video.  They will do a lyric analysis for a song and will then develop a video plan complete with pictures and descriptive direction.  Creativity abounds in Room 11!


To review our learning, students will enjoy a variety of mathematical games this week.  They will apply their probability understanding to devise strategies and will review divisibility rules.  They will complete math challenges with partners and will continue to express their reasoning in detail, utilizing learned math vocabulary.


Learners will also continue their scientific unit of study on biodiversity this week.  They will examine the adaptations of animals and will design an animal perfect for its chosen habitat.  Creative minds grow in Room 11!


The Spring weather brings warmer temperatures to Room 11.  Despite our numerous fans, indoor afternoon temperatures often soar in the month of June.  Please ensure that your child is prepared with any required sunscreen, hat and filled water bottles so s/he can monitor his/her needs throughout the school day.


I wish all the families in Room 11 a wonderful summer holiday.  After all your hard work, you deserve a relaxing and fun-filled break.  Thank you for such an enjoyable year!  It has been a pleasure and honour to be your teacher and to learn with you this year.